Lunch & Dinner is available daily. We offer a special Brunch on the weekends.
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Lunch & Dinner Menu

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Happy Burger * 8 or 3 for 20

1/4 lb. Happy beef, cheddar, special sauce, ketchup, lettuce, pickle 

Bacon Double Cheeseburger * 14

double Happy Burger patties with bacon and all the toppings 

Impossible Burger 10

1/4 lb. plant-based burger, special sauce, ketchup, lettuce, pickle 

Kale Melt 11

swiss, braised kale, special sauce, sauerkraut on sourdough 

Crispy Chicken Sandwich 10

chicken breast, special sauce, lettuce, pickle 

Chicken Wings 12

hot, mild, medium, or bbq, with celery and blue cheese or ranch 

Pretzel Sticks 8

4 sticks, choice of 2 sauces: bier cheese, spicy mustard, honey butter, or cream cheese buttercream 

* Happy Burgers are made from the highest quality beef from small farms who raise their animals on pasture and healthy, all grass diets. We personally inspect each farm to ensure the highest levels of happiness


  • Bratwurst
  • Knockwurst
  • Cheddarwurst
  • Bison Chipotle +1
  • Smoked Wild Boar +1

Wurst und Bun 8

one wurst of your choice on a brioche roll with sauerkraut and red onion 

Wurst und Side 11

Two Wurst und Two Sides 15