Grab a Liter of your favorite German Bier from our amazing draft selection or pick from our hand selected list of premium bottled biers. Bier isn’t your thing? We also carry a selection of wines and of course your favorite shots. Join us for Happy Hour Monday through Friday, 4:00pm to 6:00pm. We’ll give you a FREE upgrade from a half liter to a full liter of our Bier of the Week!

Draft Bier

*All draft biers are available in 0.3, 0.5, and 1.0 liters*

Lagers & Pilsners

Hofbräu München Original

Pale Lager, 5.1% ABV, golden, clear, richly aromatic, mild.

Spaten Lager

Helles Lager, 5.2% ABV, golden in color with a well balanced hop flavor.

Bitburger Pilsner

German Pilsner, 4.8% ABV, delicately tart, pleasantly bitter.

Spaten Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest/Märzen, 5.9% ABV, medium bodied sweetness balanced by hops.

Carlsberg Lager

Danish Lager, 5.0% ABV, crisp, light.

Traunsteiner Zwickle

Kellerbier, 5.3% ABV, classic unfiltered, crisp lager.

Radeberger Pilsner

German Pilsner, 4.8% ABV, clean, crisp.


Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier

Hefeweizen, 5.0% ABV, crisp, refreshing, spicy, fruity.

Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier

Hefeweizen, 5.5% ABV, tangy, fruity, hint of banana.

Schneider Aventinus

Weizen-Bock, 8.2% ABV, dark ruby, full bodied, yet fresh with hint of caramel.


Hefeweizen, 2.5% ABV, grapefruit flavor, refreshing.

Ales & Ciders

Köstritzer Pale Ale

Pale Ale, 6.4% ABV, malty sweetness, refreshing citrus.

Nine Pin Cider

Cider, 6.7% ABV, fresh, clean apple cider. Champagne style quality.

Bell’s Two Hearted IPA

IPA, 7.0% ABV, IPA, defined by it’s hop aroma & malty balance.

Reissdorf Kölsch

Kölsch, 4.8% ABV, light, refreshing, easy to drink.

Sloop Juice Bomb

IPA, 6.5% ABV, IPA, juicy Upstate NY IPA.

Darks & Doppelbocks

Spaten Optimator

Doppelbock, 7.6% ABV, deep dark color, rich roasted malts flavor.

Köstritzer Schwarzbier

Schwarzbier, 4.8% ABV, hints of coffee & caramel.


Stout, 4.2% ABV, classic Irish stout.

*Ask about our bier today, gone tomorrow seasonal & rotating drafts*


Crabby Patty Jameson, Crabbie’s Ginger Beer
Drunk Shirley Vodka, Shirley Temple
John Daily Vodka, Lemonade, Iced Tea
Biergarten Mule Jager, Crabbie’s Ginger Beer, Lime
Moscow Mule Vodka, Crabbie’s Ginger Beer, Lime
Coconut Mojito Malibu, Club Soda, Lime, Mint, Sugar
Margarita Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime
Margarita Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime, Strawberry Juice
Wine Spritzer Riesling, Club Soda


*Ask about shot-skis*
Jack Daniels
Cazadores Tequila
Barenjäger Honey
Jim Beam
Jim Beam Maple
Captain Morgan
Hendrick’s Gin
Tito’s Vodka
Pickle Back Shots

Bottled Bier

*Bottled biers range in size from 11.2oz to 17.0oz*

Lagers & Pilsners

St. Pauli Girl (GER)

German Pilsner, 4.9% ABV, deep golden color, full-bodied taste. Hoppy aroma.

Veltins (GER)

German Pilsner, 4.8% ABV, malt sweetness, slightly hoppy.

Miller Lite (USA)

American Pilsner, 4.2% ABV, sweet, plain, light hops.

Pabst Blue Ribbon (USA)

American Lager, 4.7% ABV, crisp, refreshing.


Weihenstephaner Vitus (GER)

Weizen Bock, 7.7% ABV, spicy, strong, single-bock wheat beer.

Stiegl Radler Grapefruit (AUS)

Fruit Blend, 2.5% ABV, mix of sweet & tart, dry finish.

Ales & Ciders

Duvel (BEL)

Belgian Strong Ale, 8.5% ABV, strong & intense, yet light in color.

Delirium Tremens (BEL)

Belgium Strong Ale, 8.5% ABV, golden color, light, sweet citrus with some spice.

Chimay Bleue (BEL)

Belgian Strong Ale, 9.0% ABV, touch of roasted malt.

Früli Strawberry (BEL)

Wheat/Fruit Blend, 4.1% ABV, light, fruity, refreshing.

Saison DuPont (BEL)

Saison, 6.5% ABV, citrus & spice.

Gluten Free Biers & Ciders

Omission IPA (USA)

Gluten Free, 6.7% ABV, bold & hoppy IPA.

Omission Pale Ale (USA)

Gluten Free, 5.8% ABV, light, caramel, floral hops.

Strongbow English Cider (ENG)

English Cider, 5.0% ABV, light, dry, tart apple finish.

1911 Raspberry (NYS)

Raspberry Cider, 5.5% ABV, crisp cider with raspberry aroma.

Crabbie’s Ginger Beer (ENG)

Gluten Free, 4.8% ABV, spicy, notes of citrus.


Riesling White
Pinot Grigio White
Cabernet Sauvignon Red
Pinot Noir Red

Brunch Specials

Mimosa (0.5 liter)
Bloody Mary (0.5 liter)